Joshua, Natalie, Kayla, and Angel.

Joshua, Natalie, Kayla, and Angel.

Hi. We would like to welcome you to our home and haven.

That's all of us, Josh and Natalie and our beautiful dogs Kayla and Angel.

We bought this amazing property in April 2017 and have set to work bringing its garden into full blossom, planting trees, and creating a space that's multi-functional.

In both our businesses we've had years of experience hosting workshops, retreats and welcoming members of our communities to come together around the world.

It felt only natural to do that again, except this time to bring them to us, so they can enjoy the beauty, space and tranquility of Kairangi Haven, and explore the forests and surrounding areas that make it so special.

Who are we?


Natalie is a self proclaimed Freedomist.

Since 2010 she's coached and mentored entrepreneurs to create a business that supports their ideal lifestyle through better systems, technology, team and automation.

Since 2017 she has helped people create smart routines, habits and systems in their lives that allow them to have more time, money and freedom.

She does that over at through her blog, podcast, vlog, bestselling book and through online courses and offline experiences like retreats and workshops.

She also loves playing Ultimate Frisbee, getting out in the great outdoors, gardening and spending time with Kayla and Angel, the adorable White German Shepherds.

They have quite the following. Check out their adventures on Instagram at @kaylaandangel and on their Facebook page.

Joshua is an Entrepreneur and Technologist.

Joshua spends his time imagining and implementing organising systems, especially when he gets to steal patterns from programming.

He loves technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, teaching and people.

Joshua is active across several Enspiral ventures and yearns for a comprehensive theory of decentralised organising alongside a complementary suite of open source tools.

He's a cofounder of Enspiral Dev Academy and currently working on fun projects related to AI (artificial intelligence) and drones.

You can learn more about him at

the meaning of Kairangi

Kairangi means many things. 

Kai means food and rangi means sky. So from earth to sky. 

It also means illuminated light as in a rainbow, of which we have many full arching ones over our property that are magnificent. 

And according to Pou, an awesome Maori student that went through Enspiral Dev Academy under JoshuaVial's guidance, it means excellence. 

We added Haven as it's certainly a haven to us and to all our friends and family and we hope for our Airbnb guests, WWOOFERS and coworkers. 

As well as for future retreat attendees and those on residency who want to paint or write a book or simply immerse themselves in nature for a few months. 

If any of these things interest you then please do get in touch.